Baby Pac-Man

I have a love hate relationship with Donkey Kong Junior. For the most part, I love it. But at times I really hate it. The game is very challenging and can be incredibily frustrating. I consider myself a pretty good Donkey Kong player but Junior is so much harder IMO. Maybe it's mental, or maybe I just plain suck. Either way, this is a Nintendo classic and every Ninty freak needs this in their collection.

I picked this one up on Craig's List on the cheap. The cabinet is a pretty solid plywood cab. The control panel needed some love (cigarette burns, faded art, etc.) and it was missing a few random parts like the coin door locks. I included links to the places I acquired all the parts below.

Anyways, it's all fixed up now and this is an awesome addition to my collection. There is no denying it, this is a good looking game!

I plan on adding the high-score save kit which will also enable free play. These kits are a must have for these Nintendo cabs!

So, now that I have this, looks like I now need a Donkey Kong 3 which will complete my DK trifecta! :)

My current DK Jr. high score:


Donkey Kong Jr. Junior Manual
Mike's Arcade Repro Nintendo Joystick
Original Marquee Light Bulb
Original Marquee Light Starter
Donkey Kong Jr. CPO
Nintendo Joystick Dust Washers
Coin Door Lock
Nintendo Buttons
Instruction Card Set
Insert Coin Stickers
DK Jr. Group at
Twin Galaxies High-Score Entries
Strategy Wiki for DK Jr.



Video of my Donkey Kong Junior before the restore:

Photos of my Donkey Kong Junior Restore:

Donkey Kong Photo Gallery Images

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