Baby Pac-Man

I picked this up in pretty poor condition. It did not work at all. But, I didn't pay very much, only $50.00, so it was cool.

I replaced the MPU and Vidiot with working ones. Replaced all the rubbers, all the balls, cleaned the heck out of the playfield, put on a new CPO, replaced all the bulbs, got a new piece of tempered playfield glass, and replaced the marquee bulbs. After that, it was good to go.

I love this game. It's not all that common and it's pretty darn unique. If you ever get a chance to own or play Baby Pac, do so! You will not regret it.

Baby Pac-Man Manual
Baby Pac-Man balls
Baby Pac-Man CPO
Baby Pac-Man rubbers
Baby Pac-Man bulbs
Baby Pac-Man playfield cleaner
Where I got the MPU fixed (e-mail)
Where I got the Vidiot fixed
Baby Pac-Man on Strategy Wiki



Video of my Baby Pac-Man in Action:

Baby Pac-Man Video #2:


Photos of the Baby Pac-Man Restore (click for gallery):

Baby Pac-Man Restore Photo Gallery

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