Baby Pac-Man

Williams games. Do I like? Kind of. Do I respect them? Most definitely. For the most part, I find these games to be too hardcore for me. Why are most of the classic Williams games so hardcore? They are all pretty damn hard! I suck at them. Period

Anyways, despite this, I knew I needed to add a Multi-Williams game to my collection. This programmer, JROK, developed a Multi-Williams board that was the most arcade perfect PCB yet. It didn't emulate the games. It didn't use MAME. It used the real hardware and all in a neat modern little JAMMA PCB. I knew I wanted this, even though I sucked at these games. So, I looked for the perfect Williams cabinet for months. Then, one showed up on Craig's List and it was a 'Bubbles'. Woot! Besides being a rarer Williams cabinet, it was already converted to JAMMA and had a 'The Comabtribes' board in it. It was the perfect Multi-Williams cabinet - it was already JAMMA. And, it was cheap! So, I grabbed it.

So, I am in the process of restoring this cabinet to look like a Bubbles machine but with a Mutli-Williams board and control panel. I haven't gotten very far yet. So far I capped the monitor, replaced the marquee and installed the Mutli-Williams board. I am going to try and remove the black paint from the cabinet to reveal the original Bubbles side-art. I have high-hopes.

Keep checking back for updates. This project is next on my list.

Bubbles on KLOV
JROK's Multi-Williams Board
JROK Multi-Williams Manual
Bubbles Manual



Bubbles Arcade Cabinet with JROK Multi-Williams PCB Video:

Photos to come!



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